To support your local candidate, Salim Mansur, please donate to your local electoral district association, the London North Centre PPC Association .

Donations by cheque may be mailed to:

835 Richmond Street

London, ON  N6A 3H7

Attention: Wolfgang Guenther

Make cheques payable to "London North Centre - PPC Association". 

Please include the full name, mailing address and e-mail address of the individual making the contribution and confirm that you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada with your cheque. Payments of $20 or less are welcome but will not be receipted. Payments over $20 are eligible for an income tax receipt.  A downloadable form is available here.

We also accept e-transfers directed to: All the information required by contributions made by cheque is also required for e-transfers and may be forwarded to the same e-mail address (

Thank you for your support!

* * *

Legal limits on contributions to federal political parties: 
Please note that in 2019, you are allowed to donate up to $1600 in total to the London North Centre - PPC  Association, nomination contestants and candidates of the People’s Party. You may also donate another $1600 to the People’s Party of Canada at

Or, you may make a payment using the payment processor below: