PPC policy - Repeal of Official Multiculturalism

Finally, we have a political leader and a federal party in Canada -- Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada (PPC) -- with the fortitude and the wisdom to announce that a PPC led government will repeal Official Multiculturalism that has been the source of so much divisiveness in the body politics of our country in recent years. Political correctness imposed by the political, academic and media elites made it an offence to speak out against the folly of multiculturalism as a state directed policy, but not anymore if we decide to do what PPC has now indicated will be its policy on the subject.

Please read the announcement of the PPC policy on Canadian Identity: Ending Official Multiculturalism. It is not only common sense that Canada needs to emphasize a common core values and national identity for all its people from coast to coast to coast, it is also consistent with the history of our people diverse in origin and ethnicity striving together in unison -- despite differences that have at times brought stress and tragedy, such as the Louis Riel affair or the push for Quebec separatism -- to build upon their shared love for Canada a uniquely gifted country unlike any other, as an exemplar of a federation and a constitutional democracy  united under the Crown.  

Multiculturalism has been both divisive and insulting to the founding culture -- English and French -- in insisting that all cultures are equal and deserving of equal respect. This is factually incorrect, historically unjustifiable, politically contentious, and the result predictable as we have been witnessing in Europe an on-going "clash of cultures" within democratic societies that de-stabilizes host societies with new immigrants and migrants unwilling, even discouraged under the policy of official multiculturalism, to integrate into the culture of their adopted country. A house divided within itself cannot remain standing strong and united and free.

I wrote about the folly of multiculturalism in my book, Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism. I pointed out that it would take immense political courage to recognize this folly for what it is, and revoke it. I also pointed out the irony that while Pierre Trudeau was responsible as prime minister to invoke multiculturalism as an official policy, later toward the end of his life he publicly regretted this policy for how it had proven contrary to his expectations of helping new immigrants make the transition into becoming Canadians and adopting Canadian values based upon individual rights and freedoms and, accordingly, he renounced it. 

In the last book Pierre Trudeau published with Thomas Axworthy as co-editor, Towards A Just Society: The Trudeau Years, there is no mention of multiculturalism as a distinct policy of his government, leave alone the celebration of this policy as an idea even though when patriating the Constitution in 1982 he included with it a Charter in which there is the provision, section 27, on multiculturalism. But, as Trudeau discussed in the final chapter of his book, he instinctively understood that "a just society" in his view could not reconcile for its citizens demands for fairness based on individual rights, as spelled out in the Charter, and fairness based on group or collective rights. It is obvious that a culture, for instance, which values equality of man and woman based on individual rights is irreconcilable with a culture that treats man and woman inherently as unequal. Multiculturalism, therefore, as Pierre Trudeau in all fairness came to understand as an idea, and a policy, is at odds with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms based on the fundamental principles of fairness and justice in a liberal democratic society, such as ours.

But Justin Trudeau, wilfully contrary to his father, has turned the idea of multiculturalism into a cult ideology branded as "diversity is strength," and brandished as a polemical weapon against his opponents by smearing them as "bigots" and worse. The result is that for Justin Trudeau multiculturalism has become the defining idea of Canadian identity and politics, of Canada in his view as a smorgasbord of cultures with "no core identity" and as a "post-national state." In other words, under his version of Liberal dispensation of enforced political correctness, anyone questioning such bafflegab about Canada's evolving cultural identity as in Cole Porter's lyrics of "Anything goes" is seen as engaging in "hate speech" and liable to prosecution by the human rights courts in the country.

As I have noted repeatedly in my writings and public speaking, culture is upstream while politics, economics and everything else connected are downstream. Once liberal democratic culture upstream is contaminated with false ideas or delectable lies, the rest downstream is then eventually polluted and effectively subverted by those falsehood spread mainstream. Multiculturalism is a delectable lie that seeded upstream in Canadian society nearly half-century ago has over time effectively corrupted the founding principles of Canada based on liberal democratic values of freedom and equality based on individual rights, and the love for "God, Queen, and Country" that ennobled the politics of the Founding Fathers and the generations that followed in building and protecting Canada as a uniquely compassionate, generous, and prosperous country. 

If we, Canadians, wish to bequeath to our children and unborn generations the country that we love, as secure and prosperous, then we need to seriously engage in a cross-country conversation about multiculturalism as a policy and what it has meant for us since it was introduced without insulting each other. We need to frankly assess its utility on merits or lack of them, consider the platform on Canadian Values unveiled by Maxime Bernier and the PPC, and decide whether we want to support the repeal of Official Multiculturalism or continue to have it weigh upon us. So, please take a moment from your busy schedule and read the PPC platform linked below as you decide which leader and political party you wish to support and vote for in the coming federal election in October 2019.


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